These ‘Symptoms of Aging’ are Actually Easily Treatable!

How many times have you blamed a sore muscle, days with low energy or forgetfulness to getting older? If you’re like most people entering the second half of their life-probably pretty often. Sometimes though, these symptoms we dismiss as signs of aging are actually different, and treatable discomforts!

Below are four common troubles we often blame to our age, but can be solved once we determine the true cause and handle it.

1. Foggy memory and forgetfulness

It happens to pretty much all of us at one point or another. We forget the point we’re trying to make midway through the conversation or accidentally pay a bill twice. But luckily foggy brain and lapses in memory aren’t just symptoms of senior age; many young and middle-age people experience strikingly similar issues.

One of the body’s most important organs— the thyroid is to blame. Chatting with your doctor about tests to find out if your’s is underperforming can be the fix. Using naturally derived hormones can restore the balance which can be easily thrown off by birth control or menopause pills.

2. Early tiredness

Waking up feeling fatigued, loosing the hop in your step early and feeling winded are much more complex problems that shouldn’t be attributed to age. It stems from many causes, one of the most major ones being adrenal deficiency, which for some keeps them in bed for days on end—often being recognized as depression. That’s why, before beginning a prescription to counter anxiety or depression, ask your doctor to check your blood for levels of the four adrenal hormones.

3. Weight gain

As years pass it seems harder (…impossible) to lose or maintain a healthy weight despite healthy eating and exercise patters. While come can be accounted to your metabolism slowing— it’s usually not the case.  The good news is, once your doctor identifies the real cause of the problem, it should be easy. Both men and women after middle age gain their weight due to hormone balances, low thyroid performance and hight blood sugar.

If you spent years of your life eating unhealthy (It’s never to late!) gut problems may be to blame while also the exposure to heavy metals such as lead and mercury found in hormone prescription could be throwing things out of wack. A quick trip to the doctor and a small supplement regimen could be the only thing holding you back from your weight loss.

4. Limited sex drive

It’s common for men and women of all ages to suffer from a loss of libido. While it’s easy to find a pill to quickly bring that back to normal from the doctor, it could also be more beneficial to look beyond and find the root cause. Once again that begins with a blood analysis to find out what hormones you may be diffident in. It could be as simple as trying a saw palmetto or stinging nettle regimen from your local nutrition shop.