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A Sweet Romance…

This reminds me so much of the movie “The Notebook”  that I just had to write and s...

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Come here I have a secret

Business of Today

I have learned that business is not always the brick building that you rent or own and put so much m...

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Eating “clean” unprocessed foods is key to being healthy...

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My Weight Loss Story

No weight gain for me heading into menopause thanks to Slenderiix drops.

I had always been a thin pe...

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Great testimonial from a preferred client about Ariix Protein

“ Hi Susan, Just wanted to let you know my sister in law loved the fruit and almond mild protein shake I made for her using the Ariix proteins. She bought some other protein powders in the Netherlands but didn’t like the taste of them all, and asked me where I bought mine. I am certainly going to order more in the near future.”

It is always nice to get a testimonial like this because I truly believe in the Ariix products and it nice to hear about how the clients are enjoying them as well.  If you want to know more about Ariix Protein Powders go to this link  and select Slenderiiz and you will find these Pure Nourish Protein Powders in four different flavors.  You can order here as well by just clicking on the product description.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Shake it up!


Amazing Grace

As I sipped my morning coffee I picked up a sheet of lyrics for the song Amazing Grace and began reading the words.  I always loved this song.  Then suddenly I felt the need to read it again only this time I inserted my name where ever it said “I” “Me” or “My” and in place of “we’ve” I replaced it with “she’s”  and like wise “we” with “she.”  The song took on a much more personal message and suddenly my life and spiritual journey were right there on the paper.  As I felt the moisture in my eyes and rested a moment in my thoughts I began to hear God speaking to me.  I am left with the knowing that HIS grace and peace surpass all human understanding and HE is good and so am I.

Give it a try and see what transpires for you and have a very grace and peace filled day!



Leadership Is Energy and My Best Work

I learned from a training session with a mustang horse and his trainer that leadership has nothing to do with control and everything to do with energy.  All my faith is in God and I rest in knowing that I am right where I belong because I am doing some of the best work I have ever done in my life right now!  From Physical Therapy to leading leaders to optimal health and financial security to live their dreams is an amazing joy!  With the experience I have from Klemmer & Associates, a premier leadership company, I am better able to work with patients in a skilled nursing center and not see them only as their disease or diagnosis.  I see the fear in them and the feeling they have of being trapped in a body and/or mind that is failing and I can work to empower them.

Teamed with a company ...


Fried Winter Tomatoes that pop with flavor!

Fried Winter tomatoes dusted with Parmesan cheese

These winter tomatoes are fried in coconut oil which keeps them light and delicious.  The acid from the tajin seasoning really makes the flavor pop!  I used 3 slightly green tomatoes that turned a little more red while sitting on my counter a few days.  So for this recipe you really want the more under ripe tomatoes.

3 tomatoes cored and sliced 1/4 inch thick

2 eggs beaten in a bowl

1  1/2 cups Italian seasoned bread crumbs

1/2 cup flour

tajin seasoning found in the produce section of most grocery stores

Grated Parmesan cheese

Coconut oil for frying

Take sliced tomatoes one at a time and dip in beaten eggs then mix bread crumbs and flour together in a shallow bowl and dredge tomatoes in bread crumb and flour mixture, set dredged tomatoes aside on a large plate or platter...


Being Simply You

Are you simply living YOUR BEST LIFE?  Are you doing exactly what YOU want to be doing?  Are you simply being your true self?  Take the risk to be YOURSELF and watch people leave all the while knowing  in YOUR heart that this is opening a space for the people who LOVE the real you to enter your life!  Live simply and simply live!

Be youself.....

How I learned about LOVE from the homeless…


This maybe remarkable to you but I seriously learned what love is, what being afraid of love is like and what God’s LOVE is from the homeless!!

 I had a buddy that I was walking through the streets with and we had purchased 2 kids meals from a fast food restaurant and were told to share those lunches with the homeless on the streets.  So, we walked looking for someone we could sit with and share our lunch with , talk with and pray with while sharing a meal.

 We came upon a woman and excitedly walked over to her but the minute we started to acknowledge her she went into a panic and kept saying, “NO, No!  Get away, get away”  blocking her face from us and continued with “There are to many of you!  Stay away!  Please stay away!  Leave me alone!”

She for her own reasons was overwhelm...


Weight Loss Drop by Drop

Weight loss has never been so simple.  With 2014 approaching and New Years resolutions about to begin it is a perfect time to order your Slenderiiz homeopathic weight loss drops to get you to that weight loss goal and a new healthy you!  Click here  to learn more about it.  Order your products today and have your safe and effective hormone free weight loss system arrive at your door in time for 2014!

I am facing menopause and gained 25lbs that I did not want.  I saw my friends getting real lasting results with the weight loss drops and decided to give it a try and I lost 22lbs in 10 weeks.  I have never felt so good and I am happy that I got my “skinny” back! The best part about this is that you do not have to use the drops for the rest of your life, only to reach your goal...


Healthy is more than diet and exercise!

Being healthy is more than diet and exercise!  It is also mind and spirit.  When we chose to slow down, stop the busyness of life we can ground ourselves to our core.  There is a term called actively waiting on the Lord to provide.  Actively “waiting” on the Lord to provide is moving forward with your life and becoming a better person and finding out what your purpose is and what you love. Not being defined by having to be with someone. Knowing you can stand alone and yet have deep compassion for others grows you in deep ways. This can be a necessary place to be stuck getting to know who you are without someone else and then you are a gift to the one who is in the same place as you! Faith that this is the way to go can bring a happiness that people who are afraid to be stuck never find...


Instilling Strength

Teaching by exampleInstilling strength in my adult son and daughter to know that there are times in life when you must be strong enough to go and not weak enough to stay in a situation that does not serve you well is important.  Life is not always about sticking.  It is about moving forward.  Saying “what else?” does not always have to be a scary question.  It can be the words you say when you are in search of something fantastic!  I believe that the best relationships are the ones that are about moving forward through life together saying “What else can we do?”  or “What else could we do to improve ourselves as a team or couple?” or “How can we continue to grow together?”

Strength trainingStrength training isn’t only what happens in the gym...


Fitness Made Simple

This is a great simple fitness routine I learned from a very good personal trainer.  It works the upper extremity and lower extremity and you can simply increase the speed at which you transition from squats to pushups for increased fitness and aerobic activity and calorie burn.  No need for equipment because you use your own body weight against gravity for resistance.  I am not sure what he called it but I call it 10/1 –  squats/pushups.  This is how to execute it; 10 deep squats/1 pushup, 9 squats/2 pushups, 8 squats/3 pushups, 7 squats/4 pushups, 6 squats/5 pushups, 5 squats/6 pushups, 4 squats/7 pushups, 3 squats/8 pushups, 2 squats/9 pushups, 1 squat/10 pushups and DONE!

This gives you a total of 55 squats and 55 pushups and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes dependi...